Environmental Approval of Star – Orion South Diamond Project

During the quarter ended December 31, 2018, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (“Ministry”) approved the Company’s Star - Orion South Diamond Project (See News Release dated October 25, 2018).

The Environment Minister of Saskatchewan announced approval for the Project under The Environmental Assessment Act, indicating the “The Star - Orion South Diamond Mine is a major development with the potential to bring jobs to the area and diversify Saskatchewan’s economy”. The Ministry conducted a thorough environmental assessment for the Project, including a detailed environmental impact statement, and carried out in-depth consultation prior to the decision to approve the Project. This included fulfilling the Province’s duty to consult with local First Nations and Métis communities.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency previously announced a positive Environmental Assessment Decision for the proposed Project by the federal Environment Minister (See News Release dated December 3, 2014).

To view Star Diamonds EIS, as well as the Saskatchewan Ministerial Decision on the Project, please click here.